“This book will change lives, you have so much tenacity and spiritual connection to the Divine, that this book will be embraced by the masses.” Bonita Shear, Women’s Empowerment Coach and National Speaker on Women’s Health

LittleIHoodBCADivine Revolution. The message in this book is provocative, urgent, and intended to be of spiritual significance for those who read it.

Dr. Jill Little led by example. She was a natural teacher, philosopher, and student every day of her life; passionate in defining her purpose and helping others define theirs. The messaging and distribution of this book consumed Jill’s mind, body, and soul until a brain aneurysm interrupted her furious progress. Derailed by the aneurysm in October 2011, the book nearly finished, she spent the next five months hospitalized until her untimely death. Her husband, Ed, and a dedicated group of fans have helped to carry on her legacy and continue her mission.

IHood is not something we can touch, but a dynamic, invisible energy that is launched at the moment of our birth to access throughout life. It is our power center and our GPS for living, the home of a divine electrical charge. Tapping into your IHood references your past, using it as a touchstone for future decisions. By fully understanding your IHood, and how to access it, you can better understand your personal journey on earth.