About IHood

“Life changing read that inspires the reader to find their life purpose, understand their journey on this earth and connect with the Divine.” – Laura’s List: Books for Women.

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Author, Dr. Jill Little

IHood was written to awaken those in need of direction in life. By tapping into your IHood, you will realize your life’s purpose.

This self-help book provides readers with an understanding of their current path and why they may feel ‘stuck’ – a deterrent from their intended destiny. The revolutionary concept of IHood reveals our true identity. It knows what motivates us, and manifests our maturity (or lack thereof) affecting our life choices. Readers learn how to live a happier life, and ultimately answer the question “Why are we here”?

IHood:Our GPS for Living presents a new way of understanding and navigating life. Dr. Little illustrates the IHood within each of us – an internal compass and navigational make-up that guides the choice between worldly chaos and the peace in which we are meant to exist.

IHood is divided into chapters that closely follow key life stages. At each stage we examine behaviors and choices made under the prevailing motivation and maturity levels at that time. These two characteristics are greatly influenced and controlled by the balance between our Ego and Spirituality. Achieving this balance is the critical element to functioning and ultimately achieving peace in this world.

With IHood: Our GPS for Living as your guide, your destiny of living a purpose driven life is closer at hand.