The author in Assisi

The author in Assisi

1. Our Purpose:
We are Born. We live. We Die.

2. What is IHood:
Traveling Between Ego and Spirit

3. Be an Instrument of Love:
Teach Life Lessons

4. Living Our IHood:
Judgment, Choosing Our Battles and the Masks We Wear

5. Our Divine Human Spirit:
The Free Will Challenge

6. Who Am I?
A Self-Assessment

7. Human Development with Spiritual Implications:
IHood and Maturation

8. The Spiritual Neophyte:
First and Second Years of Life

9. Spiritual Awareness:
Age three through Age Nine

10. Spiritual Integration:
Adolescence and Puberty

11. Spiritual Synthesis:
Adulthood through Middle Age

12. Spiritual Evolvement:
Advanced Age – Wisdom and Reflection

13. IHood & Motivation:
The Transition from Ego to Spirit Based Motivation

14. Following the Clouds:
Living in Truth and Peace