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What people are saying about IHood: Our GPS for Living

“If you’ve ever had an ego problem through false pride, where you think more of yourself than you should or through fear or self-doubt when you think less of yourself than you should, you need to read Jill Little’s IHOOD: Our GPS for Living. If you contend you have never had an ego problem, then I bet you’ve lied about other things too. Read this book and learn how to get out of your own way.” - Ken Blanchard, Co-Author, The One Minute Manager and Lead Like Jesus

 “IHood: Our GPS for Living is a thought inspiring book that provides a compass for those of us navigating the waters of life.”
Jack Luchsinger, Attorney and Author, The Thirteenth Disciple- Soldier or Saint

Ihood takes you on a journey of self-reflection which I deeply believe will naturally make you a better person for it gently moves you towards being a beacon of your own destiny. Once you read this book, you will be inspired to live every day, more fully, more brightly and more generously with those you know and those whom you may come to know, with love.” - Lanette Ware-Bushfield, Actress/Writer and Executive Producer, a Bushfield Production, Inc.

IHood is an uplifting and inspiring work written by a born teacher, and a born evangelist. She lived her life with a sense of great and noble purpose, and she served her students with wise love and loving wisdom. That sense of purpose is evident on every page, as is her great, transforming sense of wonder. Therefore, I would recommend it to all who are looking for comfort and inspiration in their lives.”- Joseph M. McShane, S.J., President, Fordham University

“This book will change lives, you have so much tenacity and spiritual connection to the Divine, that this book will be embraced by the masses.” – Bonita Shear, Women’s Empowerment Coach and National Speaker on Women’s Health

“Dr. Little presents a compelling discussion of faith as the essence of personal direction.” - Lee A. Black, Insurance Executive

“What a great teaching resource guide for specific growth periods, discussion groups for so many age groups and the teachers that must connect with their students. So much potential to have a syllabus accompany this book.” – Rosalind Schwartz, Retired Teacher

“This book could be proverbial light at the end of the legendary tunnel for many, especially new and confused parents.” – Dr. Barry Quinn

“An inspirational read with practical tips that we can incorporate in our own lives. The reader is guided on a journey; a GPS system to help us find our way home or back to living an authentic life. This book is divinely inspired.” – Laura’s List: Books for Women

“Dr. Jill Little has taken a quantum leap forward in systematically delineating the true purpose of life and more importantly, how to recognize it and even more importantly, how to achieve it. Humanity needs this book.”- Richard Hassan, Entrepreneur

“I loved Jill’s insight into how we can all get along better in this world and her ideas for how to improve our journey. I’m so happy she finished the book before leaving the earth plane. I know this book will help so many people.” - Elizabeth Wright, Author of I & Eye: A Guide to Vibrational Healing & My Transformation Journey to the Light

“Jill’s book is very revealing and makes the reader truly look deep inside one’s self to better understand our duty, job and commitment while we are here. It takes us on a journey of life and forces us to reconcile what our life is in its current state and what it could be. Some books come along that helps to put our lives into perspective, this is one of them.” - Maureen Famiano/ Executive Producer Riverbank Studios- WFLA Television Tampa

Focus Group Responses

“As a former 7th grade teacher, I’ve always felt that the classroom lessons on treating each other well were more important than the academic subject.  Jill’s book supports that theory.”- Kathie Vasell

“I really enjoyed the two big takeaways from the first part of the book: the need to keep God and spirituality in your life and the critical role parents play in the early development of the child.” - Que Spaulding, Retired Executive

“I have been fortunate enough to call Jill Little a friend.  She has defined and revealed moments in life which affect and guide us.  ‘Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible.’  This book demonstrates this and is a testament to these words as well as to a life well lived.” - Laurie Adams Warren

“I know I will find myself referring back to Ihood many times in the coming years. Thank you for presenting a book that truly makes sense and making the reader a better person.”– Eloise Luchsinger, Skaneateles Furs

“I loved the book. Life is so chaotic and it’s very easy to get completely lost in the everyday craziness. This book is a great “gps” to guide you back on the right path.” – Lynne Sweet, Manager of Skaneateles Country Club 

“All ages can be inspired by this book to gain valuable knowledge to comfort and guide them throughout their personal journeys.” - Suzanne Congel

“Loved the book, especially the personal stories and examples.” – Kimberly Forbes

“An excellent book propelling self discovery. Would benefit an audience of 15-30 year olds to read alongside a parent; great discussion book.” - Janella

“Jill’s personal revelation, writings and interpretation of famous sociologists and psychiatrists, and her urgency to share this message with the world brings forth peace, love and truth.” - Bonnie Romano

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After losing Jill and my sister in the same year, my spirit needed a little guidance. Jill’s book came to me at just the right time. She was always so uplifting for me here on earth and Jill is still doing it for me from heaven. What more can a friend ask for? This book will center you and if your able to find all the guidance it offers, bring you peace. I will always miss my friend and the love she unconditionally gave me but all of her books keep her unworldly wisdom within reach. Thank you Jill for “keepin on”.