About Jill

“Your book will help me to lead a more joyful and more purposeful life.”
– Mary Kennedy

jill little blessing

Jill’s blessing, documented and a keep sake in her husband Ed’s briefcase

Jill Little was a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother. She was a teacher, philosopher, and student of life who focused on serving as an instrument of love and peace wherever she went. With a sympathetic ear and a compassionate soul, she shared her insights and made fast friends among casual encounters around the world. She completed a PhD in education, and her teaching career was further enhanced by a hunger to discover the path to self-knowledge and living a purposeful life.

IHood is Jill’s life’s work. Nearing completion, the book’s furious progress was interrupted by an aneurysm in October 2011. She was hospitalized for the next five months until her untimely death. In those five months, she continued living her passion by becoming a more conscious human being; sharing her awareness of the “other side.” She was unafraid of the transition and shared messages inherent in IHood.

The relationship with faith and spirituality began with Jill at the age of 7, when her mother had her baptized in a small rustic Chapel on Panther Lake in Upstate NY, coinciding with the ending of World War II and safe return of her Uncles from battle. Following her baptism was a life-long dedication to learning about different faiths and the relationship between ego and spirituality.

Jill believed that we each develop and assess our innate abilities to love and serve each other as we weave ourselves into the fabric of the world. When our physical time in this world draws to a close, our contribution – a spiritual legacy – continues to integrate. Her belief, as felt throughout IHood, is that a divine opportunity to fill one’s life with grace and purpose exists for everyone. It may lay dormant amidst worldly distractions, but begs to be awakened, interrupted, and brought to the forefront of living.