Forward to IHood: Our GPS for Living

Jill led by example. She was a natural teacher, philosopher, and student everyday of her life; passionate in defining her purpose and helping others define theirs. She wrote this book in hopes of spreading the message of a purpose driven life and how to attain it, believing a sense of belonging in the world depended on it. Often she lay awake at night, scribbling notes of ideas and images that would flood her head and keep her awake. Her “downloads,” as she called them, were occasionally ill timed and we later found notes on scraps of paper from hurried moments.

Jill focused on serving as an instrument of love and peace wherever she went. She made fast friends among casual encounters. She was a sympathetic ear and a compassionate soul who actively served to share her insights on life, love, and spirituality. She pursued a PhD in education, and her teaching career was further enhanced by a hunger to discover the path to her higher self through self-awareness and living a purposeful life. She has always been an inspiration to those who love her, and to have known her is to love her. This book is a testament to her wisdom, devotion to helping others, and generosity of spirit.

The messaging and distribution of this book consumed Jill’s mind, body, and soul until a brain aneurysm interrupted her furious progress. Derailed by the aneurysm in October 2011, the book nearly finished, she spent the next five months hospitalized until her untimely death. For those five months, she continued to live the life she wanted, embracing the idea of heaven and its patient invitation as much as she embraced promising milestones that kept her with us a short while longer. Despite limited mobility and motor skills, she continued living her passion by becoming a more conscious human being. She started to share her awareness of the “other side.” She was unafraid of the transition, and I was more connected to her in the last few weeks of her life than I had ever been.

In dying, she found purpose, just as she had in living. Jill left behind her greatest work, IHood: Our GPS for Living to share with all humanity.

- Jill’s daughter, Dee