Thoughts on Spiritual Commitment:

“When we commit daily to offering our love, living in integrity, truth and values, we are more easily in tune to live our purpose …. We live our ethical life in all aspects; family, friends and business. Our spirit and body are always with us. In IHood, we choose to honor spiritual behavior over that of our body.”

 Thoughts on Maturity & Love:

“We need maturity to acknowledge there is a larger purpose for our life than that which we have sought. It is time to take the responsibility to be an active instrument of love; to make the critical difference intended for us.”

Thoughts on Religion:

“Which is it that dominates our motivation? Are we living our truth through exercising integrity in our behavior? Are we choosing a faith built on convenience rather than conviction?” The Dalai Lama said “The best religion is the one that gets you closest to God. It is the one that makes you a better person.”

“IHood: Our GPS For Living is an inspired concept, to be given to those seeking their true purpose in this life.  It allows us to examine our life stages so that we can understand that maturity and motivation are the keys to our successfully finding rewards of a spiritually dominated life.  Our inclination toward living an ego centered life is natural from our early beginning.  However, once we reach maturity.”

“If we do not sufficiently mature, we are incapable of finding our truth and purpose.”

“IHood is an explanation of our true identity: a spiritual being on a human journey.  It leads the reader through all stages of life, enabling each to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of our ability to grow into our potential.  Ego is seen as a necessary component of early development, but as a force of immaturity as we strive to be spiritually driven in our evolution toward our path in life.”

“We are born with a divine spirit in a human form.”

“Birth to Death – Our challenge is to go from B to D, learning our lessons and acquiring our skills; ultimately we are intended to live a life of purpose and become an instrument of love.”

“If we do not acquire the educational experiences that change during different stages of life, we are unable to escape a self-centered egoic existence.  We remain motivated by our most primitive needs and fail to reach the evolution of spiritual dominance in our behavior.  We emulate materialistic existence to the exclusion of all else.”

“Conversely, given an understanding of where we are in our maturity development, we can correct our path through the knowledge of seeing prior limitations.  It is then possible to evolve our highest purpose and become an instrument of love.”