Weekly Wisdom: Maturation > Ego

The journey of growing up and fully reaching maturity presents difficulties that become apparent during our social, physical and psychological changes. As we become aware of “Me,” the struggle silently begins between our ego identity, and our spirituality.  Because the body and its needs are dominant at this point in our development, it is apparent that the at-birth spiritual domination is no longer recognized.  The spirit never leaves our soul, or IHood, for that matter; it just goes into a waiting period where it is dormant, waiting for its ‘awakening;’ being patient for maturity to catch us up again to the conscious state we had before our birth. The extent to which our maturation is completed successfully determines how quickly we regain our full knowledge of purpose and can then dismiss the unconscious behavior of ego-controlled mind (most of the time).  The Eight Stages of Maturation are important in understanding the development of IHood and how we as humans begin to recognize that there is more than ‘me’ in our world.  This is when initial recognition of spiritual existence begins.
We are all perfectly capable of seeking more understanding and changing our personal behavior.  In our maturity, we can fulfill this mission.